Glenn Howe
Director, Pacific Northwest Tree Improvement Research Cooperative
Associate Professor of Forest Genetics
Dept of Forest Ecosystems and Society
I direct the PNWTIRC and conduct forest genetics research, focusing on quantitative genetics, tree breeding methods, ecological and physiological genetics, genomics, and climate change research. I teach Natural Resources Research Planning (FES 521), Adapting Forests to Climate Change (MNR 538), and Forest Biology (FES 240).
Phone: (541) 737-9001




Anna Magnuson
Research Coordinator
As Research Coordinator, I help support all PNWTIRC research projects, focusing on implementing the research and reporting results. I also provide administrative support for all aspects of PNWTIRC work and other collaborative projects, including financial management and coordinating the annual meeting. In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors doing activities such as mountain biking, hiking, exploring, or spending time with my dog, chickens, and turkeys at home.
Phone: (541) 737-6593






Jia Guo
Postdoctoral Research Associate
My current project involves genomic studies in Douglas-fir and western white pine. I aim to develop pipelines for analyzing genomic data from low-cost genotyping platforms. I will also contribute to genome-wide association and genetic linkage mapping studies in Douglas-fir. After work, I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.








Meridith McClure
M.S. studentForest Genetics
I am working on developing a new climate-based seed transfer system for the Pacific Northwest. The goal of this project is to make widespread assisted migration as effective as possible, thus enabling the maintenance of forest productivity and biodiversity in a changing climate. Outside of school, I like to hike, climb, and do embroidery.









Oguz Serif Urhan
Ph.D. student – Forest Genetics

I am working on a research project which is entitled as “Strategies for Breeding Western White Pine for Resistance to Blister Rust”. It is a joint project between Oregon State University and University of Idaho. The main goal of my thesis is to provide recommendations for improving breeding programs for quantitative resistance to blister rust in western white pine.
In my spare time I enjoy fishing and camping.




Zeynep Çiçekli
M.S. studentForest Genetics

I am a Turkish graduate student new to the PNWTIRC. My research interest is investigating the effects of genetic and enviromental variables on western white pine blister rust under a chaning climate, and I am currently exploring a project to pursue for my degree. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and taking photographs.