Departmental News

Erda Celer published her M.S. thesis based on the Douglas-fir Drought Hardiness Study

Erda recently defended her M.S. thesis, entitled Douglas-fir Seedlings in the Pacific Northwest: The Genetics of Drought Adaptation. Her thesis research focused on the Drought Hardiness Study, which was established in March 2015, as a joint project between the Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative, Bureau of Land Management, Plum Creek Timber Company (now Weyerhaeuser), and Silver Butte Timber Company. More than 400 families from Oregon and Washington breeding programs were planted on three hot and dry sites in southern Oregon.

Mike Albrecht retires from Roseburg Forest Products!

Mike Albrecht began his tree improvement career in 1976 at Weyerhaeuser's Rochester Seed Orchard, and then moved to their Centralia Research Center in Washington. In 1978, he moved to International Paper, where he was on the 'ground floor' of their Western Region Research Center in Lebanon, OR. As Mike puts it, "I was called a research technician, and did all kinds of work installing, measuring, and maintaining various field studies." Eventually, he was promoted to seed orchard manager.

Scott Kolpak reported on the Douglas-fir SNP 'chip' at a recent conference, Forest Genetics 2017

Scott recently described progress on the Douglas-fir SNP chip at Forest Genetics 2017: Forest Health and Productivity in Changing Environments. His talk, entitled Development of a high-density Affymetrix Axiom genotyping array for genomic selection in Douglas-fir, was presented at the joint meeting of the Western Forest Genetics Association and the Canadian Forest Genetics Association in Edmonton, Alberta. Scott described the performance of 55,776 potential SNPs that were tested on ~2,300 related and unrelated Coastal Douglas-fir trees from Oregon and Washington.

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